Argan Oil is one of the best beauty products out there at the moment.  Rich in nutrients such as fatty acids and vitamin E, this amazing oil has many benefits to skin and hair and all over body.


  • Extremely hydrating

    Argan Virgin Oil
    Argan Virgin Oil
  • Balance skin’s natural oil productions
  • smooth and brighten skin tone
  • moisturizing
  • protect skin from UV damage
  • reduce sign of aging
  • help prevent winkles
  • help to plum up skin
  • speed up recovering to healthy, youthful skin


Hair and Scalp

  • calm frizzy ends
  • overall hair treatment
  • gives hair shine
  • helps styling hair
  • prevent dry scalp


Hands and Body:

  • full body moisturizer
  • prevent stretch marks
  • protect from sun damage
  • great nail and cuticle treatment
  • hydrate hands

Marvo&Co Argan Virgin Oil is 100% pure and organic, extracted from unroasted raw kernels of argan tree.   Such a potent product, only a small amount goes a long way!  Incorporate Argan Virgin Oil into your daily skincare regime today.

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