Welcome to the -4℃ World!

Limited Summer Edition All Natural Shampoo and Conditioner with Maximum Concentration of Organic Peppermint Available from Marvo&Co!

Some Aromatherapy research claim that your body feels 4℃ cooler just by inhaling Peppermint Essential Oil. Marvo&Co has created refreshing Cool Mint Shapoo and Conditioner with Certified Organic Peppermint.
Peppermint does only make your body feels cool, it also cleanses pores, stimulate blood circulation and support healthy hair growth.

Peppermint also eliminate frizzle and make your hair smooth and shiny.
Use both Shampoo and Conditioner for head massage.
Only 50 bottles available! Hurry while stock last!

*Do not open eyes while washing
*Wash out immediately. If gets in eyes and pain persist seek medical attention
*Discontinue use in case of adverse reaction

Purchase online from https://marvoco.com/product/50-off-summer-special-4%e2%84%83-shampoo-conditioner-organic-cool-mint/