With Aromatherapy, usually number of essential oils are blended and applied either topically or onto large areas of body and deeply massaged into the skin. Aromatherapy massage has both physical and psychological benefits. The combination of massage and medicinal and therapeutic qualities of essential oils can provide so many benefits such as:

  • promote relaxation and calmness of mind
  • sooth anxiety and depression
  • improve sleep
  • relieve headaches and muscle pain
  • helps to increase energy levels
  • improve immune function
  • enhance lymphatic drainage
  • helps restore balance in the body
  • increase the oxygen and nutrient supply to the tissues by increasing the blood circulation

With Marvo & Co we have 3 different Massage Oils that target specific benefits as well:

  • Woman Balance – the blend of essential oils are effective in treating women’s health issues such as PMS, period pain and period disorder.
  • Remove Cell – the blend of essential oils are effective in removing cellulite from thigh and hip area and helps your skin resilient. It is useful before exercise for even better fat burning effect.
  • Muscle Relax – this blend of essential oils are effective in easing muscle and joint pain and in reducing inflammation.

All the Massage Oils use Sweet Almond Oil and Jojmassage oiloba Oil as base oil. They will moisturize, nourish and improve elasticity of your skin.

Would you like to try Marvo & Co Massage Oil? They are available for purchase online from www.marvoco.com