Mogra flower

What is so special about the aroma of Mogra Jasmine flowers!

Mogra, which is famously known as Jasmine flower, is one of the most beautiful and fragrant amongst all flowering plants in Asia.

Not just beautiful to look at, Mogra flowers have an immediate impact on mental state of our mind.  It brings happiness, positivity and delight. It reduces depression, anxiety and agitation, and uplift our mood. The flowers make intimate connections, increase our connectivity with family and friends.

Mogra, its botanical name is ‘Jasmine sambac’ is well known for its medicinal and aromatherapeutic properties, being used for healing and calming powers since ancient time in various Asian countries.  Jasmine is also known to promote vascular health and help body to detoxify.

Mogra has also been used as an anti-aging remedy for thousands of years. So why it Mogra so beneficial for your skin?

Stress and anxiety restrict blood flow and reduce blood-oxygen levels, limiting the body’s ability to remove toxins. Environmental pollutants introduce even more toxins into our bodies. These toxins damage tissue and skin.

The aroma of Mogra has been proven to soothe, encourage a restful state and reduce stress. The natural compounds naturally support healthy blood flow and higher blood-oxygen levels. Combine these and jasmine presents a natural way to aid the body’s efforts to eliminate toxins and promote youthful looking skin.

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