Aroma Body Spray Jungle Walk Blend


With summer come mosquito bites and flies into your face! Using nasty chemical insect repellent on yourself, your family, and specially for your little ones make you little uneasy.

Marvo & Co has created Aroma Body Sprays which is completely chemical free and contains organic ethanol made from natural sugar cane.

Marvo & Co original Jungle Walk Blend contains four essential oils that have insect deterrent effects to make your outdoor activities pleasant in summer.  It also disinfects and eliminates odor instantly.  All the ingredients are ACO certified and safe for household use with small children and pets.

Marvo&Co Aroma Body Spray Jungle Walk Blend neutralizes odor instantly and keep you fresh without inhibiting your sweat glands ability to dispel toxins from your body.

Spray on underarms and hair. It can be used on clothes, towels, curtains and sofa. It can also be used as a sanitary hand spray.

Marvo&Co Aroma Body Spray Jungle Walk Blend is a must-have item this summer!

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