This month Marvo&Co is offering special discount on Organic Essential Oils.

Aromatherapy Basic Set   $49.20 (retailing at $61.50) consists of 3 versatile essential oils, Tea Tree, Lemon and Peppermint.

Tea Tree: Strengthen Immune System, Air Sterilizer, Anti-Bacterial, Antiviral, Remove Odor, For Mouth Washing and Gargling

Lemon: Anti-Bacterial, Air Sterilizer, Antiseptic,  Air Fresher, Mentally Refreshing and Stimulating

Peppermint: Very Refreshing, Remove Odor, Air Sterilizer, Stimulate Mental Activities and Improve Concentration


Aromatherapy Advance Set  $118.00 (Retailing at $184.70)  7 useful everyday essential oils, 30ml Organic Argan Virgin Oil, Original Essential Oil Porch and aromatherapy recipe are also included in the set

Lavender, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange and Eucalyptus are Added to the 3 basic essential oils.

Lavender: Calm Nerves and Tensions, Treatment of Burns, Sun-Affected Skin and Acne, Air Sterilizer, Remove Odor

Lemongrass: Air Sterilizer, Remove Odor, Mentally Refreshing, Insect Repellent

Sweet Orange: Mentally Refreshing, Air Sterilizer, Anti-Bacterial

Eucalyptus: Remove nasal congestion, Air Sterilizer, Antiviral, Improve Concentration

Purchase online from http://marvoco.com/special-sale-2/

Aromatherapy Advance Set
Aromatherapy Advance Set