Sempre Face Cream
30g pump Jar

$45.00 inc. gst

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A rich vegan moisturising face cream that can be used liberally at night and during the day.  It is gentle, calming and soothing and contains 100% Certified Organic Pure Essential Oils of Lavender, Roman and German Chamomiles and Geranium which can be safely used for many skin types including sensitive, irritated or acne prone.  Perfect for skin that is wind, sun or sea exposed due its hydrating actions.  Smooths fine lines, adds moisture and promotes anti-aging.  

The cream is packaged in a quality airless vacuum jar to preserve its integrity and maintain freshness.  Small amounts are dispensed upon depression of the pump.  Superb for travel and withstands temperature changes. 

Apply straight after showering in the morning when the skin is moist but dry for immediate absorption and reapply prior to stepping out. Works well under makeup. Give it a try over a few days to experience the benefits for yourself!