Shanti – Tranquility Blend – Chakra Balance Roll-on

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Shanti – Tranquility Blend –  Chakra Balance Roll-on 10ml

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First/Root Chakra – Reproductive System
Aroma: Sandalwood

Second/Sacral Chakra – Lower Abdominal Area
Aroma: Mandarin

Third/Solar Plexus Chakra – Naval Area
Aroma: Caldamon

Fourth/Heart Chakra – Heart Area
Aroma: Mogra(Jasmin)

Fifth/Throat Chakra – Throat and Neck Area
Aroma: Frankincense

Sixth/Third Eye Chakra – Eyes
Aroma: Sugandakokila

Seventh/Crown Chakra – Head Area
Arona: Lotus

Shanti Roll-on has those 7 essential oils blended.
When you are not feeling well, apply roll-on on your wrist, or on chakra points.
Great before doing yoga!