Vegan Aroma Christmas Set
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Vegan Aroma Christmas Set


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Toilet Deo 100ml & Tea Tree Lemon Essential Oil 5ml with Marvo & Co original Aroma Stone
Toilet Deo
Marvo & Co has created a natural toilet deodoriser, Vegan Toilet Deo.
It is a bathroom etiquette drops made of natural ingredients.
This natural bathroom deodoriser will neutralise and eliminate unpleasant smells with fresh and crispy citrus aroma of May Chang, Tangerine and Peppermint.
Dispense Vegan Toilet Deo into the toilet bowl after flushing. You may want to drop few more into the hand basin to enhance the aroma for the benefit of next visitor to the bathroom.
Tea Tree Lemon Essential Oil
Lemon Tea Tree has a fresh astringent, lemony scent that is pungent and slightly herbaceous. It has a very powerful effect on the emotions, providing calming, yet uplifting effect. It is helpful with concentration and focus, and can aid to ease excess worry and fear, while promoting positive feelings.