Sakanaya is the popular Japanese Restaurant in Crows Nest, famous for traditional Japanese cuisine and  delicious fresh seafood!

The Owner of Sakanaya Restaurant kindly offered to setup our Sakura Soap and Matcha Lotion in their rest rooms. When you dine at Sakanaya next time, please pop in the bathroom and try them!

Sakura Hand & Body Soap

This luxurious foaming and cleansing Soap is made from plant based ingredients and leaves your skin feeling soft and silky without stripping natural oils. Wa-hakka (Japanese peppermint) is antibacterial and antiviral, eases mental fatigues and refreshes the mind. Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) is antibacterial and eases itchiness, energizing and uplifting to the mind.

Matcha Hand & Body Lotion

This rich emollient lotion, made from natural plant based ingredients will moisturizes and softens your skin. Match Powder is full of antioxidants and antitoxin, and calms the mind and relaxes the body. Yuzu (Japanese Citrus) is antibacterial, antifungal and promote cell regeneration. Yuzu is steam distilled and is not phototoxic. Hinoki
(Japanese Cypress) is antibacterial, eases itchiness. energizing and uplifting to the mind.

All the ingredients used are 100% pure and natural.

Both Sakura Soap and Matcha Lotion come in 2 sizes.

Sakura Soap 50ml  $8.80, 250ml $24.20

Matcha Lotion 50ml $9.90, 250ml $29.70

They are available for purchase online from www.marvoco.com and from our St Leonards store.