If you are looking for full body moisturizer for coming Summer Season, Try Marvo&Co Aloe Vera Full Body Gel!

It is the perfect summer moisturizer because it doesn’t just hydrate your skin but it also gives a cooling sensation and soothing relief in the intense summer heat. If you are frequently exposed to the sun, you will surely benefit from this aloe vera gel because it calms down any inflammation and redness and also heals your burns at a much faster rate!

Aloe Vera is highly Anti-inflammatory and together with Lavender oil, softens and helps restore the sun affected skin. Peppermint oil will give cool feeling, refresh and soothe the skin.

Apply Marvo & Co Aloe Vera Full Body Gel before or after daily skincare.

Apply it on face with caution as peppermint may irritate sensitive skin.

Aloe Vera Full Body Gel

The gel is also effective in treating the burnt skin.

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