Marvo & Co is

Certified Organic products developed by aromatherapy Laboratory in Sydney, Australia. All Marvo & Co products are tested and tried by the students at Aromatherapy School in Sydney to meet the needs and love of organic products users.

ACO Certified Organic isaco

One of the most strict organic certification standard in the world.
All Marvo & Co products are certified by ACO Certified Organic.

NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS isnot_animaltest

All Marvo & Co products are not tested on animals. Marvo & Co encourages users to be kind on environment and protect animals.


the oldest Vegan Organization in the world and was founded in 1944. The founder Donald Watson and his wife coined the term ‘Vegan’ to describe the lifestyle of what were then called the non-dairy vegetarians. The word ‘Vegan’ was created from the first and last letter of ‘vegetarian’.
The Vegan Society works to help more people become vegan with confidence, and encourages more trusted Vegan Society Trademark products to be available in shops. It provides information and guidance on various aspect of veganism for new and potential vegans, caterers, healthcare professionals, educators and media, and co-ordinates a variety of campaigns to raise awareness of the lifestyle.