Aloe Vera Full Body Gel

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Aloe Vera Full Body Gel   150ml

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Ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis*, Lavendula angustifolia*, Mentha arvensis*
*certified organic

Product & Benefits: Marvo & Co Aloe Vera Full Body Gel is an all-over body treatment that instantly cools and soothes the skin. Apply and massage onto the dry, irritated or sun exposed skin. Aloe Vera is highly Anti-inflammatory and together with Lavender oil, softens and helps restore the sun affected skin. Peppermint oil will give cool feeling, refresh and soothe the skin.

Directions for use: Apply Marvo & Co Aloe Vera Full Body Gel before or after daily skincare. Apply it on face with caution as peppermint may irritate sensitive skin. The gel is also effective for burnt skin.

How to store: Keep Marvo & Co Aloe Vera Full Body Gel refrigerated for cooling effect. It can be stored at room temperature. Avoid direct sun.