Organic Reed Diffuser – Flower 200ml

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Freshen and rejuvenate your home or space with our Organic Essential Oil Red Diffuser.

Our Reed Diffusers are made of 100% organic essential oils.
No artificial fragrance is used and registered Vegan by The Vegan Society UK.
Each Reed Diffuser is carefully blended and hand-made by Medical Aromatherapist in Australia for the benefit of your mental and physical health, and for the safe environment.
An aromatic blend of organic essential oils will revitalize and awaken your senses.

Flower (Lavender, Rosewood, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Rose)
Gorgeous Floral Aroma. Relaxing and induce sleep

Directions for Use
1. Remove the cap from the bottle and insert the reed Sticks in the bottle.
2. The reed sticks will absorb the liquid and start to release the beautiful aroma.
3. Turn the sticks over regularly (about once a week)

Generally the Reed Diffuser lasts between 6 and 8 weeks
Add or remove the number of reed sticks to adjust the intensity of the aroma
Flip the reed sticks to increase the intensity of the aroma
If there is no aroma coming out after flipping the sticks, they may be clogged, and the sticks need to be replaced.

Safety instruction
*Keep away from direct sunlight, flames or heat
*Do not swallow. If occurs, seek immediate medical attention.
*Do not let the liquid tough your skin or eyes
*Wash hands thoroughly after touching the product
*Keep the product on the flat surface
*Avoid direct contact with furniture, fabrics, plastics or finished wood surfaces
*Keep out of reach of children and pets
*The intensity and durability of the aroma depends on the environment (temperature, humidity) and the number of reed sticks as well as the type and thickness of reed sticks being used
*As the product uses natural ingredients only, the aroma and the color may differ from time to time