Rose in Jojoba oil

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EO with Jojoba Oil     10ml

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Boosts self esteem, confidence, mental strength, while efficiently fighting depression and relieving anxiety. Calms down high fever by sedating inflammation, easing conditions like rheumatism and arthritis. Makes effective antiseptic lotions to treat wounds by protecting them from becoming septic and developing infections. Protects against many different types of viral infections. Boosts libido while invoking romantic feelings, and reduces symptoms of sexual dysfunctions, erectile dysfunctions and frigidity. Strengthens gums and hair roots while toning and lifting skin. Effective in treating typhoid, diarrhea, cholera, food poisoning and other diseases caused by bacteria. Fades scars, marks of boils and acne, stretch marks, surgery scars, fat cracks associated with pregnancy and delivery. Purifies blood by removing and neutralizing toxins. Stimulates hormone secretions, eases cramps, nausea and fatigue while reducing pain associated with menstruation and Post-Menopausal Syndrome. Protects liver and stomach from infections. Purifies blood and speeds up blood coagulation. Serves as an effective laxative. Acts as a tonic for the nerves and gives strength to bear shock. Helps with feminine problems such as uterine discharge, tumors, bleeding and irregular menses, and eliminates symptoms such as mood swings, hormonal imbalance, overeating and bloating.