We had heavy rains in Sydney the last couple of days. Naturally the humidity in the air goes up when rain continues.

Let’s face it! Keeping our skin looking fresh in the humid weather can be quite a challenge. Thankfully there is a way to help keep your skin looking and feeling cool and fresh — even in intense humidity!

Try All-in-One Intensive Hydro Serum. This serum will take care of all your skincare needs without having heavy, oily, greasy feeling on your skin.

Intensive Hydro Serum contains maximum allowable amount of Kakadu Plum Extracts. This Australian Native Kakadu Plum contains 100 times the vitamin C found in an orange, and it is known as a superfood. By putting it in the serum, the serum will whiten your skin tone, reduce dark spots, tighten pores and provide deep hydration to your skin.

The serum also contains maximum allowable amount of Frankincense Essential Oil. Frankincense is the No. 1 essential oil for anti-aging treatment. The serum will reduce sign of aging, rejuvenate and brighten your skin tone.

6 different Herbal Extracts and 4 different Essential Oils are also blended together to provide the amazing synergistic skin conditioning effects!
Apply ample amount of Intensive Hydro Serum on your face.

Intensive Hydro Serum Kakadu Plum & Frankincense will hydrate your skin, leaving your skin smooth, and looking radiantly bright in sunny or rainy days!

If you have very dry skin, or feel like bit more moisture on your skin, use Beauty Facial Serum Oil together!

Intensive Hydro Serum Kakadu Plum & Frankincense 100ml can be purchased online from www.marvoco.com