Taking care of babies’ delicate skin can be very challenging sometimes!  Very expensive baby brand products may contains chemicals and could be harmful to babies.  Simple botanical Hydrosol and natural vegetable oils may be all you need to take care of their delicate skin. You may need very little essential oil, or none at all for babies.

For nappy rash and heat rash, Lavender Hydrosol will be great! For moisturizing babies’ skin, Jojoba Oil is recommended.  Needless to say, it is better to avoid products that contains artificial ingredients as much as possible.

Marvo&Co products are certified organic by ACO Certified Organic, the most strict Australian Organic Standard.

Marvo&Co is also registered by the Vegan Society UK.

Vegan Balm

Marvo&Co products are 100% pure and all natural, and contains no artificial ingredients or chemicals.

Vegan Balm, Beauty Facial Essence Rose & Green Tea, and Argan Virgin Oil are all safe for babies.

Try Marvo&Co for babies!

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