The cold and windy winter days bring uncomfortable dryness to your skin of your face, hands and feet. Sometimes the problems is not just tightness and dryness of your skin. They get so dry it results in flaking, cracking and even causes eczema.

If you are having such problems, Marvo&Co has a great product for you! Try Vegan Balm!

Vegan Balm will not only protect your skin from cold winter days, it contains carnauba wax to give extra moisture and nourish the skin. And the unique blend of highly anti-inflammatory Lavender and moisturizing Sandalwood provides a wonderful aroma and heals your tired skin and mind at the same time!

All natural and organic ingredients mean it is kind to sensitive and allergy prone skin. Check out this blog

https://ameblo.jp/sydney-aromalife/entry-12461273802.htmlVegan Balm

Anytime you feel your skin is dry, apply ample amount and massage into your skin.

Marvo&Co Vegan Balm comes in 2 sizes, 50g $19.80, 15g $9.90 inc. GST.  Purchase online from www.marvoco.com