“Gokiburi” means Cockroaches in Japanese. Marvo&Co has created a natural cockroach deterrent blend oil called “Goki Punch”.  

Clove, Cinnamon, Vetiver, Peppermint and Lemongrass, which Cockroaches would rather avoid, are blended.  It also works for repelling flies. It is 100% pure and natural. Unlike usual insect sprays you buy from supermarket, which often are full of harmful chemical ingredients, Goki Punch does not contain any chemicals. It is safe for household use with small children and pets.  Vegan Goki Punch does not kill insects, but it will deter them.

Use it in the vaporizer or put few drops on baking soda and leave in the corner of the room.

Vegan Goki Punch
Vegan Goki Punch Natural Pest Control

Vegan Goki Punch is officially registered Vegan by The Vegan Society in UK.

Vegan Goki Punch is

available for purchase online from www.marvoco.com.

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