Often Jojoba Oil and Sweet Almond Oil are recommended as a skincare in dry season.  But Argan Oil makes such a powerful moisturizer, it is not just suited for dry skin, but for all skin types. Argan Oil is light enough to use as an everyday, non-greasy moisturizer, under makeup during the day, or at night for a more restorative skin conditioning treatment.

Virgin Argan oil, extracted from unroasted raw kernels of argan tree, which is native to Morocco, is called Gold of Morocco. Rich in nutrients such as vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, this precious oil is soothing, extremely repairing, and helping to ease troublesome skin conditions, such as eczema and dermatitis.

Versatile Argan oil can be used for face, all over body and hair. The oil will nourish, moisturize, and hydrate your skin, brighten your skin tone, improve skin’s elasticity, and will help to reduce the signs of aging.

Argan Oil is great as hair conditioner, and gives the hair shine and helps styling your hair.

Essential Oils such as Sandalwood, Lavender and Geranium may be added for even more effective emollient, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging functions for your skin.

Marvo&Co Argan Virgin Oil is unroasted, 100% pure, ACO Certified Organic and Vegan Registered.

Marco&Co Argan Virgin Oil 30ml is $27.50 inc. GST

Argan Virgin Oil

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