Some essential oils contains properties that stimulate parasympathetic nervous system and induce sleep.

Lavender is the famous one for it. Roman Chamomile, Sweet Orange and Clary Sage are also effective.

Blend these essential oils together with Jojoba oil. Apply the oil on the chest area, or defuse the oil in the bedroom when you go to sleep.

At Marvo&Co we measured the effectiveness of the blend oil by using the medical equipment that measures the changes of the nervous system before and after.   So we know it really works!

We recommend that quality essential oils are used for making blend oils such as this.  Organic essential oils are even preferred.

Marvo&Co has a selection of ACO Certified Organic Essential Oils. Would you like to create your own sleeping oil blend?

Marvo&Co ACO Certified Organic Essential Oils are available online from www.marvoco.com