Vegan Balm


Are you feeling the cold this winter?  Normal moisturizing creams may not be enough to protect your skin from drying and getting itchy?

Marvo&Co Vegan Balm provides extra moisture and will protect your skin from harsh element.  Luxurious Lavender and Sandalwood essential oils are great for preventing skin from becoming dry and itchy, and they will also provide wonderful aroma.  Vegan Balm is so versatile, it can be used on your lips, on your face, all over body and even for hair styling.

Marvo&Co Vegan Balm was created on the vegan concept and does not contain any animal products such as beeswax. Vegan Balm is ACO Certified Organic and Vegan Registered by The Vegan Society UK so you can be assured that its quality guaranteed.

It is safe for all ages from babies to elderly.

Marvo&Co Vegan Balm comes in two sizes, 15g and 50g.

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