As you may know, Frankincense is famous for anti-aging properties in Skincare industries.

Marvo&Co Facial Rich Cream and Hydro Serum contain maximum allowable amount of Frankincense Essential oils. Our products are rich in antiseptic and anti-aging properties, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and make your skin look younger, smooth and radiant.

Apart from cosmetic use, Frankincense has many medicinal benefits. It is known for a sedative properties that induce a feeling of mental peace, relaxation and promote good quality sleep.  It also works on respiratory system, and soothes cough, eliminate phlegm and regulate breathing.  Frankincense may even help reduce the risk of cancer too! Number of researches suggest that the oil reduces the spread of cancer cells.

Really sound like a miracle essence, doesn’t it!?


Many medicinal benefits may be still unknown or not proven, however, the cosmetic benefits are proven effective, and Marvo&Co maximizes the benefits in our products.

A new line of Frankincense Skincare Series will be available soon! Keep watching this space for update!

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