Recently our applications to register Marvo & Co Skincare range with The Vegan Society was approved.

So what does being Vegan really mean?

Being Vegan is not just a dietary option we decide to take. It is also a life style choice we decide to follow. Veganism means respecting animals by not using them in any way.

There are alternatives to cosmetics, clothing and household goods that either contain animal products or that have been tested on animals.   Companies who choose not to test on animals, or opt not to use animal ingredients also support veganism.  Like those companies, we are compassionate about the concept of veganism, and we would like to offer Vegan products to those who care about animal protections and the preservation of our environment.

List of Marvo & Co Vegan Registered Products are:

Skincare: Beauty Facial Essence, Beauty Facial Serum Oil, Aloe Vera Full Body Gel, Facial Cleansing Oil, Argan Virgin Oil, Vegan Balm

Body Care: Aroma Body Spray Lavender & Tea Tree, Aroma Body Spray Orange & Peppermint, Aroma Body Spray Jungle Walk Blend

Massage Products: Muscle Relax Massage Oil Remove Cell Massage Oil, Woman Balance Massage Oil

Hair Care: Hair Treatment Oil, Hair Styling Cream, Henna Hair Scalp Treatment Oil

Household Items: Vegan Toilet Deo Etiquette Drops, Vegan Goki Punch Insect repellent

All our Marvo & Co Vegan Registered Products are available for purchase online from www.marovoco.com and from our St Leonards store.

from Marvo & Co staff