Bathroom Air Fresheners have become a staple in many Australian households, marketed with the promise of creating a clean, healthy, and sweet smelling indoor atmosphere.  But many of these products contain hazardous chemicals. Those chemicals are known to cause eye, nose, and throat irritation, nausea and headaches, and even damage to liver, kidney and central nervous system. In some cases, the chemicals can cause hormonal abnormalities, birth defects, and reproductive problems and cancer!

So why would you want to put yourself and your family in the harmful environment? Wouldn’t you rather want to protect your family and pets from the hidden hazards by using natural alternatives?  The benefits of using natural air fresheners are obvious.  You will be removing multiple chemicals from your home and from the wider environment, and you can be safe knowing that these products are environmentally friendly and that the ingredients are ethically sourced.

Marvo & Co has created a natural toilet deodoriser, Vegan Toilet Deo.  It is a bathroom etiquette drops made out of all natural ingredients.

This natural bathroom deodoriser can replace those harmful bathroom air freshener. Vegan Toilet Deo will neutralise and eliminate unpleasant smells with fresh and crispy citrus aroma of May Chang, Tangerine and Peppermint.  So you can avoid pouring harsh chemicals down your toilet, and your bathroom is filled with fresh natural aroma at the same time! What more do you want!?

Vegan Toilet Deo are available  in 2 sizes, 100ml and 15ml bottles. Purchase online from www.marvoco.com.  They are also available from our St Leonards store.

Vegan toilet deo